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I'm Akari  Kawamura, a therapist, counselor, life coach, and author.


It is our mission to help you to alleviate your physical and mental health problems through remote healing, counseling, and coaching, and to restore your ability to start walking again.


Rebuild your self-worth and self-affirmation, rewrite your self-image damaged by external evaluation, know your past self, and realize that you can create your own life by noticing the recognized self-worth. Freedom from anxiety and fear. Recovery of mental vitality. You can like yourself.

We will approach you with remote healing, counseling, and unique coaching based on brain science, quantum mechanics, and psychology to abandon guilt and affirm yourself.


Many people will be able to relieve their physical and mental pain and express themselves based on their self-trust. You can improve your self-image. You will be able to control your thoughts, actions, and emotional patterns. We are aiming for a future that will be self-reformed so that we can regain the initiative in life, remove internal restrictions, and live a rich life.



 Relief of physical and mental pain by remote healing.

(Currently, we only offer remote healing as a menu to clients from overseas.)


 Most pains such as body pains such as neck and shoulders and head, and psychological stress are connected with emotions, so we will heal both body and mind.

     At the time of application, we are happy if you tell us about the symptoms in writing by e-mail or messenger, and we will heal several times within 20 to 30 minutes on the reservation day.

    A more stable effect can be obtained by receiving it regularly.

    You can have a normal life during the treatment. In addition, driving a car may cause drowsiness, so we recommend that you avoid it.

All of this includes local taxes, settlement fees and exchange fees.

Please pay by Paypal payment or bank transfer.

  For inquiries, applications, consultations regarding dates and times, please specify your name, country of residence and region, desired menu

 11mgclpa (@) gmail.com

Please feel free to contact us.

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PRICE:   7000JPY
(The price changes according to the exchange rate. )